Open Source Ecology

August 23, 2011

To recognize that human civilization needs to re-learn to live IN the ecosystem, and not OFF it.

This is the philosophical manifesto and the life project of Marcin Jakubowski and a growing crew of concerned inventors, builders, makers; to exploit centuries of technological advances and package them as open-source hardware tools for community building, with locality and sustainability as core values.

More concretely, quoting from the Working Assumptions of the Open Source Ecology wiki,

Civilization are shaped by their resource base. The resource base is what gives people power. By controlling others through an economic or social hierarchy, we can control resources, and thus gain power. Resource conflicts occur because people have not yet learned to manage resources without stealing. Society has not transcended the brute struggle for survival. We remain on the bottom steps of Maslow’s pyramid. Transcending resource conflicts by creating abundance, first for hundreds, then for thousands of people, is now possible if knowledge flows openly and advanced technology is applied to produce goods.


Education, media, and social engineering programs have subjugated human integrity to passive consumerism, with its related problems (resource conflicts, loss of freedom such as wage slavery). The only way out of this is creating a framework within which humans can prosper: provision of true education, learning of practical skills, stewardship of land, advanced technology for the people, and open access to economically significant know-how.

See Marcin make his point about transcending artificial scarcity:


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